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3D-T: Very large mooring construction and deployment

Where normally a line with ten instruments between anchor weight and top-buoy is deployed as an oceanographic fix-point mooring, now 45 lines with 3000 high-precision temperature sensors are launched simultaneously. The operation is to gain insight in the three-dimensional development of breaking underwater waves and turbulence for the distribution of substances in the deep sea. The whole fills a half cubic hectometre seawater volume. For 3 years, the unique mooring will remain at the foot of the southern French continental slope of the Mediterranean, an area known for various currents and eddies. The location is next to the underwater neutrino telescope, part of the large-scale infrastructure project KM3NeT.

Video of the final stage of deployment can be found here.

                                              Right: at sea just before deployment a/b RV Pelagia.


Below: underwater images from ROV Victor a/b RV Pourquoi pas ?

Video of ring by Hung-An Tian